2011 Tour del Sol Finals

The 2011 Tour del Sol Finals, sponsored by Sun King, took place this past weekend at Taylor Lake Park in Largo, FL. There were a total of 54 players spread across 9 divisions.  I’d like to thank Mike Barnett of Sun King Disc Sports, the Tournament Director. He put on a great tournament, as usual. I’d also like to thank Mark Bailey for all that he does. This guy is amazing! He is the commissioner of our disc golf club, the Sand Slugs of Taylor Lake Park. The effort he puts in to make sure that we have the very best disc golf experience possible is phenomenal! Kudos to you Mark!


I had the pleasure of playing in the Recreational division along with 11 others. The results can be seen here. I’m really glad that I chose to participate in this tournament as I really enjoyed the rounds I got to play and the time spent with some of the people in the Rec division. It was competitive, yet not so much, in an awesome kind of way. I had my best tournament ever, breaking 60 in three of the four rounds. Yeh, Rec played from the AM pads (there are only 6 out of 18), but for me, at Taylor, those scores are best ever! I’m very happy with how my game is progressing.

The open division of the tournament consisted of 10 players, many of whom are professionals including Rickard Wysocki, PDGA rookie of the year, and our very own CR Willey, designer and creator of the Taylor Lake Disc Golf Course. Many of us had a special treat after we had finished our rounds on Sunday. CR Willey coordinated a final round event in which 4 open players and 4 advanced players played a total of 4 double holes. An example of this would be teeing off from the #4 tee and playing the #6 basket. As you can imagine this is quite a challenge and quite a distance. I think most of us “less than advanced” players, were completely in awe. I know I was. To see these players throw a disc so far and so accurately is, well, amazing! Here is a video of Richard Wysocki with an amazing drive from tee #14:

The winner of the open division was another of our very own Sand Slugs; John Lorentzen. He edged Richard Wysocki and Bryan Moore by a stroke. Congrats John!

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